Newsreel of Sarv Mithaqiyan.

Name: My name is Sodid Misaghian Shirazi, but I go by Sarv Mithaqiyan.

I have a strong drive to create meaningful content that will help people in a positive way. I enjoy reporting to the community stories that matter. I really believe that if the public is informed about the truth, then our society will be functional to the highest extent. Through an informed public, we will all benefit and make progress in the world.

In five years I see myself hosting a talk show either on TV or radio, interviewing educators, doctors, and theologians about significant topics that help people learn more themselves and their purpose in society.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religious Studies minor as of June 2017 from UC Davis. Currently, obtaining a Master of Science in Strategic Media Communications at St. Cloud State University and I will graduate in May 2019.

I contribute news articles and blogs for media platforms like and